Safety Policy

Closed circuit television monitoring system
Daily parent sign – in & out system
Staff certified in CPR & First Aid 
All staff has Fire Extinguisher Certification in accordance with licensing requirements
Staff fingerprinted upon hire via local & Federal background authorizations and checks
Both teachers and children are required to wear uniforms
Facility outside entrance doors has security locks

Now enrolling 4-5 yr olds for Summer Camp!

The Power to Effect Change

Getting involved in your child’s education build a connection between home and school. An involved parent will be aware of the structure of your child’s day. And will be able to reinforce activities the child has experienced in school. you will have a sense of what your child need to work on to increase their academic skills and self-confidence. Statistics has confirmed that children who have parents that are involved in their education does better in school than un-involved parents.

Outstanding aspects of our school include:

  • The creative curriculum an educational lesson plan that integrates interactive teaching that lays a foundation with skills that will help your child succeed academically in Kindergarten and elementary school.
  • Creative curricula use real-life experiences to teach students and are based on the idea that students are better able to retain knowledge through personal experience and critical thinking as opposed to memorization.
  • Convenient class hours from 6:00am to 6:00pm to accommodate parent’s work schedules.
  • We provide nutritious healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and snacks at no additional charge.
  • Parent Information Boards provide weekly and monthly school updates.
  • Weekly Homework folders include assignments to complete at home that coincide with weekly classroom activities.
  • Positive Behavior Certified

Our Mission

It is our goal to lay a foundation early on for your child to be socially, emotionally, physically and behaviorally prepared for Kindergarten, having skills that enhances learning throughout their school years.

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